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Pest Information From the Experts in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Warm homes, hotels, especially near or inside beds and bedding.
Human Blood and any warm blooded animal.
Among the most rapidly reproducing insect species and are not seasonal.

German Cockroaches
close up image of cockroach
Homes, warehouse, restaurants, rarely seen outdoors.
Anything edible by people or household pets.
Can reproduce by the thousands and are not seasonal.

Carpenter Ants
close up image of carpenter ant
Inside, ants prefer areas with accessible moisture, wall voids, particularly around hot water pipes and heaters.
They will feed on live and dead insects (including each other) and are very partial to sweet foods although they will feed on other types of food.

Brown Recluse Spider
close up image of recluse spider
Outside around rocks, utility boxes, woodpiles, under bark, etc. Inside the home, they can be found in any undisturbed area to which they can gain access: boxes, papers and in seldom-used clothing and shoes. Storage areas are one of the most common areas to find them.
Small insects.

Mice And Rats
close up image of rat
What Can Homeowners Do to Improve Control Success?
  • Remove garbage nightly.
  • Pick up pet food at night, feed pets during the day.
  • Don't leave open fruit, candy, or food out overnight.
  • Plug all holes.
  • Weather strip doors and windows.
contractors holding pest control sprayer