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Bedbugs Be Gone in Tulsa, Oklahoma

EMCO Pest Control Heat Treatment

Heat penetrates into small crevices that cannot be inspected. Lethal temperatures for bedbugs range from 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 F. The walls of hot boxes reach a higher temperature than the suggested lethal range in order to permeate belongings placed within, killing all bedbugs in all their stages.

Benefits of Heat Treatments

The closely monitored, even distribution of heat is the only 100-percent effective way to kill all life stages of insects in the area being treated. Aside from being the most effective and efficient type of insect elimination treatment, heat offers a variety of unique benefits to both the occupant and pest control operator.

Heat vs. Pesticides

Applying high heat is a more effective method to terminate a bedbug infestation in comparison to using chemical applications. Bedbugs are more resistant than ever to insecticides, meaning chemicals may not be able to kill all insect life stages resulting in remaining live bedbugs post-treatment. Whereas, bedbugs simply cannot survive at extreme temperatures making heat a better treatment option. Furthermore, only one heat treatment is necessary to eliminate an infestation, while chemicals usually require multiple treatments.
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